Our Goals

Our objective is to creatively bring people into a life journey of a Hebraic Perspective. To reach our objective, our goals are:

  • to immerse people in the Hebrew Bible and its message as a basis for understanding Judaism and Christianity, and the matrix between them.
  • that those who attend the discussion groups and variety of activities will draw closer to and experience God’s presence in a more meaningful and significant way.
  • that Jews and Christians in our present day will abandon their historical relationship, marked by hatred and violence, and set course in a new direction towards building positive relationships and exploring common ground.
  • to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of prejudice and misunderstanding between Christians and Jews.
  • to develop understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews based on respect for each other’s identify and integrity, without fear of being drawn into each other’s faith communities.
  • to generate groups of students who will learn Biblical Hebrew and then together, will read and discuss passages in the Hebrew Bible.
  • to provide a place where one can meet others who have been awakened to a Hebraic perspective.
  • to introduce the Hebraic perspective of early Christianity, its sources and the wisdom therein.
  • to offer practical guidance from the Hebrew Bible and Rabbinical wisdom to help sculpt more effective relationships with others and with God.