Our Purpose

The two-fold purpose of The Beriot Institute of Hebraic Studies (“IHS”) is to create an enriching study environment which fosters a sense of reverence for the God who addresses both Christians and Jews, and to take part in the ongoing dialogue between these two faith communities. Since the Holocaust and the national resurgence of Israel, much interest has arisen in understanding Judaism and Christianity in light of each other, in a shared heritage, and in building relationships. We think this has given birth to a fresh approach to life and the purpose of living.

In searching for common ground, an entry-point for dialogue, we will use the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament, sacred to both traditions.

It is our desire to have persons from different faith communities dialogue with each other and study together, building understanding and relationships.

Our objective is to creatively bring people into a life journey of a Hebraic Perspective.